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Our bulldogs in publications and advertising

  • A bit of history about the Bulldog

    One of the most barbaric task which was fallen on the Bulldogs destiny is baiting of bears and bulls. Ironically, our beloved and affectionate bulldogs for several centuries were intended solely for the cruel sport.

  • Choosing a puppy

    For puppies between 6 to 8 weeks (at least) we can use the test of William Campbell. This system was worked out for 8 years on more than 10 thousand dogs. This test carries out in an unfamiliar place nothing distract the attention of the puppy.

  • The history of one English Bulldog, 2005 year

    Hello dear readers of this wonderful magazine Zoobusiness I would like to tell the history of English Bulldog KEN in a few words, but beforehand I want to congratulate him with a long-expected achievement - the title Champion of Ukraine-2005 I wish him be healthy and have a lot of new unforgettable victories.

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